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aid-kitWe Raised the Bar

In today’s metal finishing world, there are numerous chemical companies selling essentially the same chemistry in most applications.
MFA went to the drawing board to identify and provide something a class above the rest.

We don't wait to bail you out when you run into a problem.
We're at your plant consistently, conducting Nadcap-like audits to identify risk potentials in your systems and generate proactive recommendations.

We then walk alongside your in-house team to carry out system improvements and set in motion accountability for each improvement, checking monthly to verify we have reduced or removed risk in that segment of your systems.


MFA provides ongoing training and courses that fit your needs, both in public venues and in-plant facilities.

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Process Improvement

MFA applies 50+ years accumulated industry experience to improve all aspects of your processing systems.

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Healthy Systems

MFA ferrets out every possible risk factor, evaluates its impact, and implements effective and measurable solutions.

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Our Partners

Quality Chemistry & Equipment Solutions

We partner with Coral Chemical to provide quality chemistry solutions for all your processing lines, waste treatment, pre-cleaning, and machining lubricant needs.We have also partenered with Metal Chem the leading name in INNOVATIVE Electroless Nickel Chemistries

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50+ years combined experience

Our Team

The MFA team consists of John Harrison, Bob Adams, Luis Vidrio,
and the support staff of Coral Chemical, Metal-Chem, and Columbia Chemical to bring unprecedented experience and expertise.